Arteastry Hi Tea at Element by Westin Kuala Lumpur

An “Arteastic” High Tea Experience

By Sara Yeoh

We once again walked past the eautiful light installation in the obby of Element by Westin (read view in our July issue), but for the Arteastry high tea at its Trace restaurant this time. The name stands for ‘art’, ‘tea’ and ‘pastry’. For a hotel with art injected into its DNA, the high tea at Element’s Trace restaurant is naturally graced with artistic interpretations. With the Petronas Twin Towers in our view at the light-filled space of the 40th floor restaurant, we were set to have our high tea.

Unlike an afternoon tea, high teas are traditionally more substantial and served with hot food like pastries to keep one content between an early brunch and a late dinner. Ready for a good high tea, our table was soon to be graced with cold and hot savouries, scones and dessert.


The cold course arrived with dry-ice theatrics and dainty cold savouries on the tray. High-tea goers can expect an array of palate-pleasing morsels such as smoked salmon bagel, chicken lyoner on focaccia bread, and vegetables in a wrap and in a rice paper roll with sweet chilli.


We started with the sliders from the hot savouries tray, which we were given a choice of pulled beef or crunchy fish in charcoal buns. The pulled beef gave a caramelised taste, packing a punch in the mini burger, while the juicy fried fish slider was balanced with fresh, crunchy coleslaw. We were impressed by the two kinds of pie too. A bite of the classic shepherd’s pie gives you savoury, chunky ground lamb and smoothness from the mashed potato topping the pie. Pastry pie lovers would be delighted to bite through the flaky, buttery crust that reveals a chicken and mushroom filling in creamy gravy. The lemongrass- infused fish stick addition to the tray as well.


The fruit tarts and scones served on this tray were fairly bite-sized (which we are thankful for after the generous portions served previously). The scones here are served with sweet whipped cream and chocolate ganache, as opposed to the traditional clotted cream and jam.

Then came the highlight ‘Art’ of the Arteastry high tea experience. The chef transformed into an artist as he painted on a canvas that was our table with bright coloured kiwi, raspberry and chocolate sauces. On the drops and strokes he created, he expressed himself through sprinkles of toasted coconut flakes, jellybeans, marshmallows, macaroons and the likes. The fun (well, most fun) part of it was when the chef placed a green chocolate dome on it, and we hammered it open to find pieces of cheesecake and more marshmallows inside.

The Arteastry high tea (available only on weekends and public holidays) is perfect for weekend gatherings and talking about the week, and will certainly fascinate children, and your inner child.


Address: TRACE Restaurant 
                 Element by Westin Kuala Lumpur Ilham Tower, 8, Jln Binjai, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel:          03-2771 3388


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