A Foodie’s Guide to Bukit Tunku


Bukit Tunku, a residential neighbourhood of the wealthy named after Tunku Abdul Rahman’s abode was also known as Kenny Hills or Bukit Kenny. Today, in the quiet little enclave at the heart of Taman Tunku, The Stories — a lifestyle watering hole that townsfolk would gather over coffee and fare is born. For the uninitiated, we have curated a foodie’s guide to this part of the neighbourhood. Enjoy!

Formerly Kenny Hills Bistro and a stone’s throw away from the Kenny Hills Bakers outpost in Taman Tunku, My Humble Bowl evokes its Asian roots and serves Asian favourites. Comfort is the revolving theme behind serial restaurateur Au Tai Hon’s latest brainchild. Its perfectly-proportioned menu beams everything comfort seekers long for, from crispy yam cake from the appetiser segment to wok-hei fried rice and noodles. My Humble Bowl has a beautiful setting with an al-fresco dining space on the shady car park-facing terrace paired with its scrumptious dishes. Dig into the likes of Thai Crab Meat Laksa with crab meat, sea bass, egg, crispy satay fish, basil, beansprouts, cucumber and salted vegetables. It’s a wonderful balance and burst of flavours. Don’t miss out on the restaurant’s signature and crowd-pleasing Roast Duck Rice served with Jasmine white rice, house-made dried chilli paste and soup. Hot scorching days call for an icy-cold and refreshing bingsu, our favourite being the Honey Mango Bingsu with big and juicy chunks of perfectly ripe mangoes.

Princeps in Taman Tunku is a restaurant one saunters into on work-from-home days or weekends. There’s something immensely relaxing and tranquil when dining at Princeps, possibly owed to the jazz numbers subtly playing in the background or the greenery that encapsulates this bistro. Princeps’ menu runs the gamut from starters, classic ambrosial breakfasts to main courses and desserts. Tease your palates with the refreshing Tomato Salad, featuring a medley of scattered Japanese cherry tomatoes and Japanese cucumber dressed with avocado, onions and olive oil. The extra dots of homemade pesto bring a herbaceous and nutty quality to the salad. Next, the Princeps Club Sandwich sees an assemblage of chicken ham and boiled egg swathed with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese and a drizzle of sesame dressing to bring an umami quality. This is served with hot, sinful, straight-cut fries that taste as good as they looke.

Nestled in The Stories of Taman Tunku, Evoke Gastrobar serves up Modern Contemporary European Cuisine that aims to evoke and enliven your senses. Its menu is inspired by travel, featuring hearty dishes such as the Crab Pasta with a bed of linguine topped with fresh crab claw meat, almond basil pesto and grano padano. For something more indulgent, the Wagyu Flank Steak is the choice, served with roasted garlic, yuzu kosho, pickled mustard seeds and coarse sea salt. Feel like you’re dining by the sea with the fresh and delectable Poached Smoked Kingfish with sautéed mushrooms and peasprouts drizzled with a zesty lemon soy cream which is topped with fennel salad that purveys a harmony of flavours.

What started out in 2014 as a small bakery-cum-cafe operating in a tiny half-lot in Taman Tunku with the sole purpose of serving great coffee, amazing pastries, cakes and organic breads has flourished to three successful outlets throughout KL and have served thousands of wonderful people, many of whom have become Kenny Hills Bakers loyalists. The Kenny Hills Bakers at Bukit Tunku has the most serene backdrop of trees and nature — a community watering hole for those who enjoy lingering over coffee and pastries. Treat your palate to fluffy-flaky croissants with a side of butter or marmalade as well as cappuccino or flat white. Alternatively, for something heftier, opt for their signature pies namely the Fish Pie featuring fresh snapper, butterfish and smoked salmon in a cream sauce, topped with an all-butter puff pastry. Yum. For the sweet tooth, indulge in Kenny Hills Bakers’ famed Peach Strudel. You won’t be sorry.

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